WOA Updates April 1

Planes are grounded, factories, stores and restaurants are shuttered. The world is in lock down.  Yet forex, the lifeblood of all industrial economies, is smoothly humming along. Over 7 trillion dollars a day globally is traded in these markets making it the largest market in the world.  WOA trades in three EUR/USD markets where 70% of all such trades globally takes place. This provides tremendous liquidity.  Liquidity is the life blood and essential for markets to run properly.  Because of this there are never lock downs in these markets.  When markets are simply not tradeable, or market volatility goes beyond a certain risk factor, WOA has the special skills Ai and ML provides us with.  We only enter markets when there is minimal risk and maximum profit potential.  In the alternative Ai and ML enables us to exit in a timely manner.  Preservation of capital is our highest priority.

What is WOA?

WOA stands for War of Attrition, a military term we feel best describes how our Ai trading system functions.

WOA constantly, through attrition and artificial intelligence, analyses markets in real

time. It is programmed to simultaneously look for reasons not to be in the market while

seeking certain criteria which overrides and tells us we should be in the market.  Our programming, modeling and philosophy is both prudent and conservative.  We seek, first and foremost, the preservation of capital while constantly seeking to capitalize on those special situations which will result in worthwhile returns.


WOA is the next advancement in the world of trading. It is an asymmetrical risk/reward management process that provides for a significant profit potential.


WOA is ideally set up to run on client accounts which can be individuals, fund to fund, 

hedge funds, financial advisories and family offices.  

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