What is WOA?

WOA stands for War of Attrition, a military term we feel best describes how our Ai trading system functions.

WOA constantly, through attrition and artificial

intelligence, analyses markets in real time. It is

programmed to simultaneously look for reasons not to

be in the market while seeking certain criteria which overrides and tells us we should be in the market.  Our programming, modeling and philosophy is both prudent and conservative.  We seek, first and foremost, the preservation of capital while constantly seeking to capitalize on those special situations which will result

in worthwhile returns.


WOA is the next advancement in the world of trading. It is an asymmetrical risk/reward management

process that provides for a significant profit potential.


WOA is ideally set up to run on client accounts which can be fund to fund, hedge funds, sovereign wealth

funds and individuals.

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ML_ non quantamental

metaheuristic optimization

chart representaition

Currently we believe currency trading is, and has been, analogous to throwing darts at a board.  We don't throw darts at a board.  WOA trades, and takes positions, by utilizing advanced technologies (Ai/ML), which have proven remarkably reliable and prescient.  Today, WOA knows a tremendous amount of risk can now be much more readily recognized and understood by employing these latest technologies.  Considerable time and research developing and incorporating these technologies into our platform has been put forward.  We are now confident that not only has risk been dramatically reduced but that reward has been greatly enhanced. WOA, we believe, is at the forefront of this currency trading revolution because of this.

Donald Beaudry

 WOA Developer 

What Question Should an Investor Always Ask?

Most Investors and Traders ask, how much can I make?  The question should be, how much can I lose?  What are the risks associated with making X amount?  In our WOA Model Level 1, we are able to achieve an average annual return of 18% with just 1.5% of the invested amount being risked. 



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