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R&D Base Silicon Valley

Donald Beaudry

Developer | Portfolio & Fund Manager 

Ni Kadek Yuni | CIO 

WeWork, 3101 Park Blvd

Palo Alto, Silicon Valley

California, 94306 USA


Phone: +1-415-799-7600


TechCrunch:  link

Linkedin:  link

Skype:  donaldbeaudry1

Skype:  nikadekyuni1





WOA VC | Investor Relations



Carlos Santacruz 

WeWork Carrera 7, #116-50

Bogota, Colombia


Phone:  +57 3114587140


WeWork Medius House 

2 Sheraton St Medius House 

London W1F 8BH, United Kingdom


Phone:  +44 20 3290 5130



<WOA Careers? Join Us>

customize your career path with us.  

be -

>motivated by meaning

>committed to contribution

>devoted to development

If you're interested in working with one of the most creative and innovative (remote working, peer to peer consortium block-chain model) groups on the planet, we would love to hear from you > if you have the relevant skills.

What we look for are unique skills in 

[Advanced Computer Programming in (Python, R, C++) & Market Intelligence Ai 

applications / such as

>strategic game theory >military simulations

>statistical randomness  

>probability analysis] 

We do not hire traders and we do not care about your educational background, race, gender, location, origin or age, only what

you can create.

Email us your CV/Resume

Would love to hear from

you. We receive a lot of  

applications and mail each

week.  Pls have a cup of

green tea, relax, we will contact you.